Gynaecologic CO2 Laser

Our team has a gynaecologic CO2 fractionned laser (Mona Lisa Touch from Deka) which can be used:

For the treatment of symptoms due to vaginal atrophy : pain during the sexual relations and vaginal dryness.
For the treatment of stress and mixed urinary incontinence.
For the treatment of some perineal pain (episiotomy pain for example).

This treatment is painless, not invasive and acts directly on the vaginal or vulvar mucosa and improves the functionality of the treated area by inducing the production of collagen.

The laser session is performed in a dedicated room, does not require any anesthesia and last 10 minutes.

The efficiency is immediate, from the first session, but other sessions are often required for a lasting improvement. (1 session every month during 3 months and a forth 1 year after, for vaginal atrophy)

The laser is not currently covered by the social security.
We can give you an estimate if you want.

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